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What is dual eligibility?

Dual eligible plans are designed for individuals with Medicare and Medicaid. They’re also typically for those that are designated as low income.

Anyone hoping to get one of these plans should also have Part A and B or at least qualify for Original Medicare. This also includes individuals that are receiving assistance with Medicare premiums or cost sharing through the Medicare Savings Program (MSP).

Coverage can vary greatly by state. For instance, in some states there’s fee-for-service Medicaid coverage, while in others Medicaid is offered via Medicaid managed care plans. For more information about coverage and eligibility, refer to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’s (CMS) annually released eligibility standards.

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Dual-Eligible Plan Benefits

Benefits for dual-eligible individuals vary by region, state, county, and carrier. Although there’s no benefits set in stone, these Medicare Advantage plans must provide the same benefits as Original Medicare.

On the right, you can check out a few of the benefits that you may qualify for.

$0 Co-pay Transportation

No cost transportation to and from doctor appointments/the pharmacy.

Fitness Programs

Exercise and stay in shape as you age.

Over-the-Counter Credits

Credits for flu/cold medicine, aspirin, vitamins, and more.


Coverage for exams, glasses, and contact lenses.


Regular care and x-rays. Annual credit for covered dental services.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Varying degrees of coverage for medications.

Food Allowance

Potential monthly food allowance for groceries.


Hearing exams and coverage for hearing aides.

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